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About Me

I graduated from El Camino College in 1995 with an AS Degree in Respiratory Therapy.  I obtained my CRT and RRT credential in the same year.  I have worked at various hospitals and teaching facilities mainly in trauma and intensive care units.  

Below are my objectives and it is in your best interest to know them and what my expectations of you in my class. 

  • My goal is to teach you how to become therapists: to go above and beyond routine care and to optimize respiratory therapy provided to your patients.
  •  I will remind you to constantly be compassionate to your patient’s and to treat them as you would want you and your family members to be treated.
  •  I will teach you the necessary knowledge and skills needed in order to be able to effectively assess patients and to be able to determine, based on your assessment skills, and available diagnostic exams, and draw upon them the necessary intervention required in order to help your patients.
  • I plan to achieve this by keeping myself abreast with current care standards and treatment modalities provided in the field. 
  • I plan to provide an interactive atmosphere conducive to stimulate learning. I will keep an open communication between instructor and future respiratory therapist.  This means that if you do not understand any part of the lecture, you are expected to ask question to have the subject matter clarified.  There is no such thing as a “STUPID QUESTION”. 
  • I will try to answer all your questions.  I may not have an immediate answer, but given some time, I will surely find out and get back to you.

    In return,

  • I expect you to read, study and pass all you exams with flying colors.  
  • I need you to understand the importance of your role in providing patient care in a medical setting, acute or otherwise.
  • I expect you to conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times.  
  • I expect you to be compassionate to your patients.
  • I expect you to be eager and assertive without being careless and aggressive.
  • I expect you to draw from your preceptors, your experience and my experience the proper way to provide care for your patients.
  • During lecture, I expect you to listen to me and not just be heard, I expect you to think and comprehend the concept and to ask questions. 

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